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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Metallic Trail

Metallics have been making their presence felt on the runways off-late, from Lanvin to McQueen, from Burberry to DSquared have shown them, YES for MEN! From the famous Burberry trench coats in bright metallic hues to shirts, whole suits, we've seen it in all forms.

I know its a tricky territory, flashy and not palatable for the regular gent who wants to blend-in rather than stand-out, but when I spotted Bharat Mishra, I said why not? With the coolness of a Space-Cowboy, he shows us how to work the metallic.,Bharat Mishra Full Looks
Bharat Mishra

Bharat wears his anatomically contoured and seamed pair of pants in metallic silver-grey with a textured shirt with horizontal stripes. I love his foot-wear choice, a classic pair of leather oxfords lace-up boots with almost metallic spray on as if settled-dust.....Moon-dust I'm guessing!,Bharat Mishra in metallic denims
Bharat Mishra

A straw colored linen Trilby hat, John Lennon black-out glares and the very in and contemporary full Mo-beard complete his simple, futuristic and emphatic Space Cowboy look. Be confident, very confident before you choose to go for this trend......and if you are convinced go right ahead and SHINE.,Bharat Mishra in mo- beard
Bharat Mishra

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