How to dress for an Interview - Men

Monday, 12 August 2013

Tipe for men

Men’s Interview attire:

1. Shirt- A solid colour could be patterned or textured, or a simple stripe would be good too (not too colourful). Collared button up shirt with a white undershirt underneath.

2.Pants dark or khaki.

3.Portfolio, pen and extra copies of your resume.

4.A classic watch

5.Simple Belt

6.Basic pair of socks.Classy and professional is always the way to go.

7.Leather; polished shoes.

8.Two-piece, single-breasted, dark suit(solid color or conservative pinstripes). Opt for suit if you are appearing for senior management corporate interview.

9.Conservative tie (no bowties, bright colors or bold patterns). Opt for a tie only if you are wearing a suit, else only tie might make you look like salesman.

10.Conservative, short haircut. Well groomed hair. Avoid strong cologne.
Entry Level/Mid Level
Paired with dark pants in a neutral tone, a belt, and dress shoes, a solid colour shirt looks business casual—perfect for an entry level job interview. Always remember that if you can see the top of the pants, a belt is a must.
Corporate/ Senior Management
A dark suit is completely appropriate to wear with a tie, provided the tie is not black. A grey striped tie works well with an all black look for a corporate management level job interview.
For a creative position, ditch the tie, and wear a cool tweed blazer and coordinating belt and shoes. You'll stand out and look sharp, while expressing your creative side.

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