Five days Five Looks One Pal - Parfum Dellic - Day 2

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Sunday brunch

Last Sunday when rains were still eluding us and it was bright and sunny Parfum Dellic has to go to a Sunday brunch with friends. Given that it was a Mediterranean fare Dellic decided to go for this hot summer trend of White-on-White. A trend that for the adventurous kind has been white washing the ramps from Armani to Jil Sander and Dolce & Gabbana., Parfum Dellic close up

Dellic wears this customized pair of white skinnies with printed upturned hem and a white-T with a feline chest print and a dog-tag err cat-tag around his neck. He throws on this very interesting jacket that Dellic got custom tailored with a off-white and black distorted stripes. The shoes are buffed and burnt to desired perfection and the only pop of color is the button and the laces on the shoes., Parfum Dellic Full Look

There are a few pointers however while going for this eye-catching White-on-White summer trend:

  • Keep our main ensemble the same shade of white. Don not try mixing shades of white which might not bring out the look.
  • A head-to-toe all-white is a bold outfit choice and also spells danger of spills and stains. Offset your outfit by Neutrals, a jacket and shoes in this case. Avoid brights!
  • White adds bulk, as long as you are skinny like my pal here you are perfect for this trend. However if you are on the bulkier side stay away from this trend., Parfum Dellic close up, Parfum Dellic close up

Jacket - Custom
Tee- Forever 21
Jeans-  Custom
Shoes- Zara + Custom
Shades Jack and Jones


  1. Another edgy rockstar look of his. It's like he knows exactly what to add to make each outfit his own. On a side note I love the white on white look it looked amazing on me when I tried it out this past 4th of July you were spot on when you acknowledged it IS a bold look.

    1. Thanks Leigh, he sure does....White on white is bold....I'm sure you made heads turn this 4th of July....would love to see your version. xx


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