Street Style Diaries- Martino Caramia

Thursday, 31 July 2014

An Indian at heart

It always heartens us unbound when we see traditional Indian wear Fusion worn with the ease and panache that Martino Caramia does. We've always wondered whether there will be a day when the ubiquitous traditional Indian kurta-pyjama (tunic-soft pants) set will ever break into mainstream casual wear, from the for-occasions-only category that it has been slotted in.  Given the climatic conditions and the versatility of this outfit from lounging about to a more formal setting makes it a perfect choice.

With an Italian and German parentage and an Indian heart, Martino has won our hearts at his Indianwear interpreatation. He wears a white kurta-pyjama in fine soft cotton with a pair of open strap flat sandals; as he layers his look with an asymmetric wrap overgarment in black linen, the shape very Indian again and comes from the ANGRAKHA. He throws on a rich Pochampalli scarf in traditional ikat patterns and borders for a dash of color. A lover of hand-crafted jewelry Martino wears his many pieces in silver....each with a story to tell.

Martino Caramia, Martino Caramia Full Look

So seeped in tradition and yet so contemporary, he is always a delight. Martino is an accomplished designer and a truly global citizen. After being in Germany and Ibiza successfully chasing his dreams, he chose the idyllic Goa to continue his creative pursuits. Between the chaotic Mumbai and serene Goa he runs a contemporary label, backed by Indian Ethos and Global influences called FLAME.
Martino Caramia, Martino Caramia close up portrait

Street Style Diaries - Kresha Bajaj

Monday, 28 July 2014

Armed and Dangerous

Nerd Specs, a pair of Asymmetric Skirt/Skort and Combat Boots made a fine fashion match on Kresha Bajaj. We are still in awe of her weapon of choice err pistol embossed clutch. A vision both graphic and minimalist; with barely there makeup Kresha has managed to look every bit of glam nerd chic.

This Geek meet sophisticated meet Fashion Rebel look had us screaming right from the moment we spotted her. Kresha chose to add a textured slightly oversized knit top making the outfit just that much more interesting. The combat boots in black add a grunge factor which we find to be an apt choice of footwear especially when paired with this fabulous black revolver clutch.

Kresha Bajaj, Kresha Bajaj

Probably one of our favorite pieces of clothing right now, asymmetrical wrap skirts/skorts are extremely versatile; proving to be great everyday skirts yet cutting-edge and classy enough to be worn for a more formal occasion.

Kresha Bajaj, Kresha Bajaj

Its amazing what these skirts do for your body shape if worn in the right shape and length; they can give  you an elongated appearance. I know the embossed pistol clutch might just do the job, but don't leave out your pepper spray girls!
Kresha Bajaj, Kresha Bajaj

Kresha Bajaj is a fashion designer/entrepreneur and retails at

Street Style Diaries- Bharat Mishra

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Metallic Trail

Metallics have been making their presence felt on the runways off-late, from Lanvin to McQueen, from Burberry to DSquared have shown them, YES for MEN! From the famous Burberry trench coats in bright metallic hues to shirts, whole suits, we've seen it in all forms.

I know its a tricky territory, flashy and not palatable for the regular gent who wants to blend-in rather than stand-out, but when I spotted Bharat Mishra, I said why not? With the coolness of a Space-Cowboy, he shows us how to work the metallic.,Bharat Mishra Full Looks
Bharat Mishra

Bharat wears his anatomically contoured and seamed pair of pants in metallic silver-grey with a textured shirt with horizontal stripes. I love his foot-wear choice, a classic pair of leather oxfords lace-up boots with almost metallic spray on as if settled-dust.....Moon-dust I'm guessing!,Bharat Mishra in metallic denims
Bharat Mishra

A straw colored linen Trilby hat, John Lennon black-out glares and the very in and contemporary full Mo-beard complete his simple, futuristic and emphatic Space Cowboy look. Be confident, very confident before you choose to go for this trend......and if you are convinced go right ahead and SHINE.,Bharat Mishra in mo- beard
Bharat Mishra

How to wear crop top

Monday, 21 July 2014

Five ways to sport a crop top

After Palazzo pants the one thing that has caught our eye and fancy is well on its way to become a must have wardrobe piece, the Crop top. Available in myriad hues and shapes and fabrication, the crop top is what we are loving at the moment.

Given that Indian women, no matter how traditional have been so comfortable baring their midriff with our saree-blouse silhouette that a crop top seems an apt modern update that fits right in...don't you think?

From the crop-top-chic-style-divas featured here earlier we've put together a simple guide for go ahead choose your style....and rock the crop top you must!

Shelly gives us an indigo chic look with her sequined chess-board crop top. its perfect for a day-out shopping or walking around the museum districts or whatever you do to entertain yourself...

Shelly Sarkar, Shelly Sarkar, How to wear a crop top

Nayaab gives us a more dressy version with her window-pane checkered shorts and an open jacket. Go with this look for a more semi-formal occasion, where you want to be dressed up yet casual, apt for a day event.

Nayaab Randhawa, Nayaab Randhawa, How to wear a crop top

Chandni's version with her bandeau top is quite out there.....bold, girl gone wild, beautiful look. She mixes sports, traveler, retro influences with ease to own her look like no other..
Chandni Sareen, Chandni Sareen, How to wear a crop top

Nishka and please-tell-me-who-this-gorgeous-lass-is give us a very e formal elegant look with their constructed woven crop tops paired with a long pencil skirt. This solid, complementary colored top-skirt combo is so refreshingly clean and tailored, we totally dig...
Nishka Lulla, Nishka Lulla How to Wear a crop top

The three-quarter sleeves work beautifully with the top cut to stay away from the body adding to its appeal. Trust me this is such a confident  look that I would take even to the board-room and make sure my presence is taken note of., How to Wear a crop top

Masoom, with her high neck sleeveless knit crop top shows us a Boho-chic relaxed resort look, color-block, yet another way to rock this look! The top gives her a canvas for her exquisite neck-piece. I think it elongates the appearance as well.

Masoom Minawala, Masoom Minawala How to Wear a crop top

Five days Five Looks one Pal - Summary Parfum Dellic

Thursday, 17 July 2014

It was immense pleasure to spend time with and capture the various moods of Parfum Dellic. I realized what an instinctive designer and a great clothes horse he is. While summarizing his looks I was able to decode one styling mantra that he uses to a great advantage and so can you now.....and that is LAYERING!

Layering works equally well for both Him and Her; it just gives you that extra special feeling of being dressed-up when you want and the flexibility to dress-down at will. So always keep a layering piece in mind, it could be a jacket, a vest, a shrug or even a stole....whatever works for you, while putting your look together. Start doing that and your style quotient will improve and so would your self-esteem. Try it out and let me know if it works!

Meanwhile here's celebrating Parfum Dellic and his style!

Parfum Dellic

Five Days Five Looks One Pal - Parfum Dellic Day 5

Monday, 14 July 2014

Movie day out

Joggers for both men and women have been gaining massive popularity by each passing season. This piece of clothing usually associated with gym-wear or for just lounging about around the house has been formally accepted as a casual-wear staple. Its not the domain of the sports brands as nike and adidas anymore, almost every mainstream fashion retailer from Topman to Scotch n Soda to Zara has many versions up for grabs. Rightly so for a jogger is high on comfort and looks updated and modern, specially the slim fit one!, Pafum Dellic in Day 5 Look Full Look

Parfum Dellic

This meeting of sportswear and formal wear is giving rise to a whole new language in Fashion that we are digging at the moment. The rise and rise of the SPORTS LUXE look where best of sportswear elements are mixed with casual and formal pieces is also something we talked about at the beginning of the season in our post Upcoming Trends for men. The trend is definitely here to stay...., Pafum Dellic in Day 5 Look Full look

Parfum Dellic

You could combine the jogger (in a knit/woven/denims/leather) with a T, a vest, a shirt and even a formal jacket......that's how versatile this piece is. Over the weekend Parfum steps out for a movie in a pair of slim joggers in black with a poplin shirt and a washed denim trucker jacket with sleeves ripped off. A pair of plimsoll shoes in washed red completes his sit-back-n-enjoy-the-show look!, Pafum Dellic in Day 5 Look Cropped

Parfum Dellic

I love the simplicity of this look and the fact that it looks so comfortable and chic in the same breath. Parfum Dellic is my new him up if you like!, Pafum Dellic in Day 5 Look Cropped

Parfum Dellic

Jacket- Zara
Joggers- Zara
Shoes- ASOS

Five days Five Looks One Pal- Parfum Dellic Day 4

Thursday, 10 July 2014

A ride about town

There are a few things in life that are unquestionably cool like the look of an urban biker. The tough machismo at the same time oh-so-desirable image created by Marlon Brando and James Dean refuses to go from our memories. Out for a ride about town, Parfum showed up in this super cool biker jacket in beaten leather and I was suddenly reminded of those posters we all had in our rooms, I did., Parfum Dellic Day four Bike Ride

Parfum Dellic

Even though a biker jacket can be teamed up with almost anything today and made to work, for the traditional guy blue jean has always been the sartorial choice. We've seen this versatile and forever desirable piece being worn with tailored pants, over suits and even shorts., Parfum Dellic Day four Bike Ride

Parfum Dellic

Parfum wears his leather biker with this modern custom tailored pair of slim trousers in blue plaid. A plunge neck tank in a camouflage pattern, a dog-tag, heavy duty Timberland lace-up boots, aviators and his tattoos all adding to the Tough-guy style quotient., Parfum Dellic Day four Bike Ride

Parfum Dellic

Apart from the Rebellious symbolism, the biker jacket is a must-have wardrobe piece for the modern gent.  Make sure you INVEST in a great one, preferably in leather. I know its expensive but its one piece that will last you a lifetime and will never go out of style. Here's looking at you kid!, Parfum Dellic Day four Bike Ride

Parfum Dellic

Tank vest- Zara
Dog-tag- Jack and Jones
Hiking Boots- Timberland
Trousers- Custom

Five Days Five Looks One Pal - Parfum Dellic Day 3

Monday, 7 July 2014

EDM Music Fest

Fashion and music blend in a seamless bond, often the best music is heard on the runways during the shows, but this bond really comes alive during the many festivals. India my not have many music festivals yet but sure has a thriving music scene. The weekend of 4th of July Parfum Dellic gets out to the outskirts for a EDM music fest that promises him and his friends unabashed fun time of grooving to the spinning turntables!, Parfum Dellic Day 3 Full Look

Pafum Dellic
 Parfum wears this custom tank in black that allows for maximum freedom of movement with this pair of camouflage printed shorts. A pair of very interesting Cosmos printed socks and red plimsoll shoes, a camo printed pea-cap and a very groovy pair of red rimmed glares to block out the sun at this sundowner complete his Fest look., Parfum Dellic Day 3 Full Look

Pafum Dellic, Parfum Dellic Day 3 Close up

Pafum Dellic

A great lover of music that brings people together in peace, love and happiness, he says, 'I love music that's not competition but collaborations and not to argue who's better but just pure fun and happiness, he loves Afrojack, Nicky Romero both Dutch Djs, the Greek-Belgian duo Dmitri Vegas and Like Mike, Nervo, Dyro and the Swedish Dj Avicii., Parfum Dellic Day 3 Full Look

Pafum Dellic

Vest - Custom
Shorts- Topman
Socks- Forever 21
Plimsolls- ASOS
Cap- Forever 21
Shades - Concert Stall

Five days Five Looks One Pal - Parfum Dellic - Day 2

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Sunday brunch

Last Sunday when rains were still eluding us and it was bright and sunny Parfum Dellic has to go to a Sunday brunch with friends. Given that it was a Mediterranean fare Dellic decided to go for this hot summer trend of White-on-White. A trend that for the adventurous kind has been white washing the ramps from Armani to Jil Sander and Dolce & Gabbana., Parfum Dellic close up

Dellic wears this customized pair of white skinnies with printed upturned hem and a white-T with a feline chest print and a dog-tag err cat-tag around his neck. He throws on this very interesting jacket that Dellic got custom tailored with a off-white and black distorted stripes. The shoes are buffed and burnt to desired perfection and the only pop of color is the button and the laces on the shoes., Parfum Dellic Full Look

There are a few pointers however while going for this eye-catching White-on-White summer trend:

  • Keep our main ensemble the same shade of white. Don not try mixing shades of white which might not bring out the look.
  • A head-to-toe all-white is a bold outfit choice and also spells danger of spills and stains. Offset your outfit by Neutrals, a jacket and shoes in this case. Avoid brights!
  • White adds bulk, as long as you are skinny like my pal here you are perfect for this trend. However if you are on the bulkier side stay away from this trend., Parfum Dellic close up, Parfum Dellic close up

Jacket - Custom
Tee- Forever 21
Jeans-  Custom
Shoes- Zara + Custom
Shades Jack and Jones

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