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Thursday, 31 July 2014

An Indian at heart

It always heartens us unbound when we see traditional Indian wear Fusion worn with the ease and panache that Martino Caramia does. We've always wondered whether there will be a day when the ubiquitous traditional Indian kurta-pyjama (tunic-soft pants) set will ever break into mainstream casual wear, from the for-occasions-only category that it has been slotted in.  Given the climatic conditions and the versatility of this outfit from lounging about to a more formal setting makes it a perfect choice.

With an Italian and German parentage and an Indian heart, Martino has won our hearts at his Indianwear interpreatation. He wears a white kurta-pyjama in fine soft cotton with a pair of open strap flat sandals; as he layers his look with an asymmetric wrap overgarment in black linen, the shape very Indian again and comes from the ANGRAKHA. He throws on a rich Pochampalli scarf in traditional ikat patterns and borders for a dash of color. A lover of hand-crafted jewelry Martino wears his many pieces in silver....each with a story to tell.

Martino Caramia, Martino Caramia Full Look

So seeped in tradition and yet so contemporary, he is always a delight. Martino is an accomplished designer and a truly global citizen. After being in Germany and Ibiza successfully chasing his dreams, he chose the idyllic Goa to continue his creative pursuits. Between the chaotic Mumbai and serene Goa he runs a contemporary label, backed by Indian Ethos and Global influences called FLAME.
Martino Caramia, Martino Caramia close up portrait

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