Street Style Diaries Barcelona - Luca and Susana

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Its been said that a couple whose been together for long or belongs together start looking similar. Do you agree? Luca and Susana are one such VINTAGE loving cool couple who we spotted; their similarity didn't end with the obvious identical punctured earlobes and nose rings, they are both in creative professional pursuits as well!
Luca and Susana
Luca is a musician and a professional model and Susana transforms beautiful faces into gorgeous with her art....she is a make-up artist. Susana wears a black tank paired with a leather short skirt also in leather......perfect to flaunt her exquisite butterflies and other tattooed body art. A leopard skin and leather sling bag and lovely clear glass vintage frames are accessories of her choice.
Luca and Susana
Luca pairs his rolled-up denim shorts in black denim with a Vintage Palm print short sleeves resort shirt worn buttoned-up. A baseball cap in green that says OBEY and vintage black shades are the accessories that complete his look. A full crop of well-groomed facial hair is just the way to be right now!
Luca and Susana
Love the nose ring touch... muy bien! just saw Lady Gaga sporting one too, brings out a certain Goth vibe. Did anyone tell either of you earlier that you look like each other? Keep doing the good work and keep looking good you two, Susana and Luca!
Luca and Susana

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