Monday, 20 October 2014

Street Style Diaries - Simran Sethi

Whats effortless style? When someone asked me that I said its the way you choose your clothes and accessories, put them together in a way that seems perfect together.....not more and not less. Nothing that you wear seems imposed or uncomfortable....and yet you feel great! that is effortless.
Simran Sethi, Simran Sethi

This effortless cool is what we spotted on Simran Sethi, this top and short skirt/ shorts combo is sort of the new rule of dressing for the young and the restless brigade. A very teen getting well into young fashion look has been gaining massive popularity among the girlies.
Simran Sethi, Simran Sethi

Simran wears the most popular Spring Summer item, the skater skirt in a beautiful geo-floral print that almost looks like an embellished and  textured surface and pairs it up with a very interesting knotted top. The top is in the more dressier (compared to a knit t-shirt) woven pinstripes in soft blue and white with the excess ending in a knot at center waist....we love!
Simran Sethi, Simran Sethi

A striped clutch, a studded off-white bracelet, encrusted ballet shoes in nude are her accessories of choice. Simran finishes off with her gorgeous locks worn open and just a hint of eye definition and lip color. Effortless....oh yes!
Simran Sethi, Simran Sethi

Simran is currently interning at Harper's Bazaar, India.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Street Style Diaries - Anuj Bhutani

The Old World Charm

The Double breasted suit has been wowing the coming-off age men recently.  Dressier than the single breasted and much popular counterpart, the DB suit is more elegant and more symbolic of power. This has been reinforced by the power dressers like Brad Pitt, David Beckham and shown on the ramps to much applaud by the style Guru Tom Ford.

Anuj Bhutani shows her his interpretation of the DB suit that is unique and modern albeit with an air of that old world charm and magnanimity.

Anuj Bhutani

Anuj's DB jacket in slate grey is cut with a broader shoulder, and a complementing lapel to an oversize length just a little above the mid thigh. He has done away from the conventional 6X2 and 4X2 button layout to stick to 2x2 layout at the waist. A black shirt worn un-tucked and the roomy-tapering-towards-the-bottom pants cut well above the ankles brings out his unique silhouette. A pair of dark tan vintage leather oxford shoes finish off his look.

 Anuj Bhutani

The random geometric pattern on his suit add another dimension to his interpretation. Re-visiting the classics to interpret the new modern. Anuj Bhutani is a designer and showed at the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week 14 in Mumbai.

 Anuj Bhutani

Monday, 13 October 2014

Street Style Diaries - Sita Wadhwani

The Minimalist

We at A Quaint Perspective ensure that we keep bringing to you the numerous forms of self-expression through the wearer's clothes, style and personality. It could be a maximalist's indulgences or a minimalist's editing of the pieces one put on together, both equally capable of making heads turn as you pass by.

Sita Wadhwani shows us her cool minimalistic style in predominantly black but look out for the quirky choices that say there's much more to this girl than meets the eye.

Sita Wadhwani, Sita Wadhwani

Sita wears this quilted black sleeveless wrap jacket, held at the waist with a black leather belt. The jacket sits comfortably between being very Indian at the same time very Japanese.  The paperbag purse in black and cream leather, the bandeaux top in rust, her spectacles and her sans jewelry and make-up look complement her minimalistic choices.

 Sita Wadhwani, Sita Wadhwani

However her choice of a very quirky indeed and one-of-a-kind vertebrae print leggings and her motorcycle martin boots in black leather tell us about a girl unafraid to venture into the unknown and curious to discover on her journeys.

 Sita Wadhwani, Sita Wadhwani

We love Sita's 3/4th profile portrait. Sita is the Digital editor at Vogue India.
 Sita Wadhwani, Sita Wadhwani

Friday, 10 October 2014

Street Style Diaries - Sam Shangh Zing Kasar

The Underground Movement is here

How refreshing is it to see guys having fun with proportions! I mean we see girls doing it all the time with various silhouettes, but boys seem to be stuck in the top+bottom proportions with a few variants in the fits going from loose to skinny and back.
Sam Shangh Zing Kasar;Sam Shangh Zing Kasar

Zing refreshes us with his black and white take on Yohji Yamamoto visits NYC Underground take with his attire.
Sam Shangh Zing Kasar,Sam Shangh Zing Kasar

Zing wears this oversized short sleeves shirt, buttoned-up in white with big bold graphic print in black with sleeves rolled-up. He pairs it up with a mid-calf length leggings in black with a bold white NY print. He studded hi-top sneakers in white leather and the bling-glares with a metal chain add the Swag of a Hip Hopper...
Sam Shangh Zing Kasar,Sam Shangh Zing Kasar

Sam Shangh Zing Kasar,Sam Shangh Zing Kasar

Zing is a make-up artist from Manipur and this BOY'S SHIRT is sure GROWING on me!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Street Style Diaries - Amolika Oberoi

Winter is Coming

The biker chic has always held our attention because of the confidence and care-a-damn attitude that it spells loud and clear. Amolika Oberoi showed us her style in a Moto inspired ensemble of leggings-skirt-jacket complete with reflective aviators. 

Amolika Oberoi, Amolika Oberoi

Amolika wears overlap front Jacket in butter-soft genuine black leather reinforced with metal zippers. She pairs it up with a chequered race flag printed skater skirt in black and white over black leggings and black suede boots. 
Amolika Oberoi, Amolika Oberoi

We spot two very interesting and befitting-to-her-look pieces of jewellery on her, a long full finger armour ring, and a studded Skull DJ ring. We Love!!

Amolika Oberoi, Amolika Oberoi

The green reflective aviators add the only flash of colour to an otherwise monochromatic black-n-white ensemble. Amolika is sure ready for a ride!
Amolika Oberoi

Amolika is a an artist and was featured in Cosmopolitan India September 14 issue contributed by A Quaint Perspective.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Street Style Diaries - Suket Dhir

Elegant Modern Traveller

Its always summer in Mumbai and cottons and linens work like no other as the apt choice for one's clothing. You can spot a traveller from a distance, influences and elements picked from different places and time and owned in a way that only they can.

Suket Dhir gives us such a refreshing elegant Modern Gent Traveller look, seeped in tradition and yet very modern and Now.
Suket Dhir

There is a certain character that his well tended more pepper less salt beard brings to Suket's appearance, that of an intelligent and creative philosopher carrying the world in his brown leather satchel.....a world that he'd share with the special ones.
Suket Dhir

Suket wears these linen pants in Natural color with a block printed in soft pastels shirt in cotton that an Indian at heart or an Indophile will appreciate. We love the length of the pants and the rolled-up to a three quarter length styling. A straw colored Homburg hat, we LOVE,  and made-to-last forever work boots in light brown complete his look. Suket is a creative genius behind his namesake label SUKET DHIR.
Suket Dhir

Friday, 26 September 2014

Street Style Diaries - Krishna Mukhi

Sportswear influences are making deep inroads into the the minds of the Fashion conscious tribe. Krishna Mukhi gives us an African tribal infused printed shift dress with a striped rib neck and see through mesh panelling. The big sporty 87 chest print over a tribal printed base is a fab mix of trends that we love.
Krishna Mukhi, Krishna Mukhi Full Pic

Throw on a vintage washed denim jacket over your shoulders and a pair of cool shades for maximum effect. Krishna stays away from jewellery (barring a couple of rings that a girls gotta have) true to the sports-girl spirit.

Krishna Mukhi, Krishna Mukhi

A quilted bag in mandarin Pop with metal chain straps and a pair of chunky bad-girl lace-up boots in  iridescent silver leather and black complete her Fashion Week look. You would have seen her featured in the fashion week style section in the Cosmopolitan Sept 14 issue
Krishna Mukhi, Krishna Mukhi Full Pic

Krishna is an Assistant Fashion Editor with Harper's Bazaar India.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2014 Day 5


“J’aime La Vie” – I Love Life” was the title of Pallavi Singhee’s collection from her label “Verb” at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014. The designer’s aim was to make women gorgeous, which Pallavi’s ensembles succeeded without a doubt as the models strutted down the ramp in a variety of garments. 
From stylish day wear ideal for a lunch appointment, to practical black and white skirts and shirts, the collection moved to formal dresses and slinky pencil skirts. There was a mélange of options for the fashionable lady. She could wear cute shirt dresses for an afternoon brunch or go for cropped tops over high waist full skirts. 
Pallavi Singhee, Pallavi Singhee
For something more dramatic a sheer black lace and organza number, with silk trims and sporty ribbed detailing will get the lady ample compliments. Sleek figure hugging midi skirts could also add excitement to a fashionista’s wardrobe.
Pallavi Singhee, Pallavi Singhee

The colour card was restricted to blue, beige and black for the semiformal and formal wear that will be just right for the festive season. Organza, tulle, crepe, lace and knit added to the style and construction of the ensembles
Appliqués and stunning embellishments appeared regularly for the pants, jackets, dresses, tops and gowns; to add a fragile touch to the clothes.
Pallavi Singhee, Pallavi Singhee

Particularly striking was the beige cutwork embroidered maxi, black asymmetric embellished shirt, black organza cutwork lace pencil skirt and the embroidered tie and dye pencil dress.
For the woman who “J’aime La Vie” then Pallavi Singhee’s collection of the same name will create a fashionable life she will love.


Picking a strong colour, Priyadarshini Rao presented a stylish vibrant collection at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014. “An Ode to Indigo” was a simple title for her line of garments, which played creatively with the many hues, shades and tones of indigo to display an entire collection. 
At times, hints of tangerine and fuchsia made a surprise appearance amongst the pale sky blue, porcelain green, jade, teal, emerald, turquoise, Prussian, cobalt, navy and midnight.
Priyadarshini Rao, Priyadarshini Rao
Reviving silhouettes from the 1920’s, featuring midis with fluid “A” line and trapeze shapes, Priyadarshini put an emphasis on the detailed hemlines, which were asymmetric and layered to match the theme of the show. The base was dyed silks, Chanderis, chiffons, georgettes, chikankari and brocade georgettes with small accents of antique embroidery and tissue.
Paisleys, ditzy florals, blooms and organic geometrics added to the flavour of the collection. Layering was the constant factor of the fusion clothes as three or more ensembles came together seamlessly for a stylish impact. 
Priyadarshini Rao, Priyadarshini Rao

Sheer tunics were matched with maxis and dresses, which were combined with fluid pants. Over-dresses added panaché to long crinkled creations along with pinafores and maxis with pleated bodice worn with sheer shirts. Multi-tiered and coloured kurtas covers and skirts along with vertically panelled maxis were comfy outfits.
Priyadarshini Rao, Priyadarshini Rao

Not forgetting the ethnic dresser, Priyadarshini had saris and lehengas teamed with soft unstructured jackets that nearly swayed around the ankles of the graceful models. 
Priyadarshini Rao, Priyadarshini Rao

Ending the show with slim lehengas, cholis and dupattas, Priyadarshini gave perfect east/west options to dressers globally.
Accessories were limited to slim long chains, gold Mary Jane shoes and coloured stockings.
For an impactful fashion statement, Priyadarshini Rao’s “An Ode to Indigo” was the perfect collection for the coming season.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2014 Day 4


‘HUEMN’ by Pranav Mishra and Shyma Shetty made another powerful statement through their clothing line at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive at 2014. The fascinating duo enticed the crowd and created a line that threw light on the battles of a fearless woman. They based it on the delicacy and softness of the ideal woman that subtly yearned for masculine separates.
The constant change was depicted in the form of androgynous styling. This transformed into a dubious contrast with the character of the fabric, the craftsmanship and the colour that balanced it out. Importance was given to both the trouser and skirt that rendered it equivocal. 
HUEMN, Huemn

Musings of underground literature were the main highlight was presented in the broken fabric and placement of the eclectic prints. Restructured evergreen silhouettes were fused with the futuristic materials and embellishment detailing that gave it the perfect urbanised demeanour.
HUEMN, Huemn

Fabrics like vinyl, cotton, silk, hosiery and classic suiting fabrics took centre stage as the chaos was merged to form serene silhouettes like the pants in suit fabrics that were designed to look sporty. A mehendi green pencil skirt with a white stripe and an oversized black jumper was another ensemble that stood out. 
Men’s wear had plain white shirt with a leafy appliqué in the shape of an ‘O’.  Also seen was a classic grey suit sporting white striped patches and ankle grazed pants. This made the collection wearable for both the sexes.
HUEMN, Huemn

‘Huemn’ by Pranav Mishra and Shyma Shetty set forth a barrier breaking collection of epic clothing that gracefully and effortlessly took the ramp up by a storm. It was not only empowering but also perfect for the fashionista making a statement without a word. 


Urban, dignified and unique were three words that best described the city slick collection under the label ‘Lovebirds’, inspired by urban issues from designer duo Amrita Khanna and Gursi Singh at Jabong Stage during Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014.
Lovebirds, Lovebirds
Trendy, straight cut silhouettes made their way onto the ramp in the form of skirts, tops, shirts, trousers, jackets, tunics and dresses in simple yet stylish fabrics like cottons, satins along with neoprene and mesh.  
Lovebirds, Lovebirds

Pastel tones in mint green, pure white, elegant black, denim blue and nude brown worked to give the range a fresh appeal. 
Lovebirds, Lovebirds
Although quirky, the outfits were spared of heavy embellishments or layers, to make way for an easy-to-wear style that was practical and stylish. Subtle structure and laser cut pieces made each outfit distinct and unique.
A sassy architectural dress in white, stole the spotlight with its androgynous appeal and intricate cut-outs, which gave off a sporty-fun vibe. 
Lovebirds, Lovebirds

Street smart and sophisticated, ‘Lovebirds’ by designer duo Amrita Khanna and Gursi Singh was an avant garde take on functional fashion.

Designer duo Prathoni Yengkhom and Jacky Laishram under their label ‘Poco & Jacky’ created a vintage-meets-modern collection for their debut at Jabong Stage during Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014. 
The silhouettes aimed at men and women, ranged from contemporary to classic and comprised skirts, trousers, jackets, blazers, dresses, coats, saris and gowns. 
Poco & Jacky,Poco & Jacky
To add an experimental, edgy undertone, the designers worked with faux leather and silk and stuck to a demure yet daring colour palette consisting of shades like moody moss, tantalising teal and ochre. 
Poco & Jacky,Poco & Jacky

To further reflect the flow between the traditional and the unconventional, embellishments complemented vintage techniques like beading and weaving onto New-Age textiles and almost- androgynous forms.
Poco & Jacky,Poco & Jacky

Two stunning ensembles which caused a fashion stir comprised a gorgeous leaf green woman’s coat accentuated by fabric detailing, which was paired with clean cut trousers and a pair of mint toned see-through pants flaunting fabric flowers.
Poco & Jacky,Poco & Jacky

Bold and beautiful, ‘Poco & Jacky’ by designers Prathoni Yengkhom and Jacky Laishram was one to look out for.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Lakme Fashion Week Winter 2014 Festive Day 3


After her debut in the Gen Next show during Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2013 with origami garments, Ragini Ahuja’s collection for the “Ikai” label during Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014 was an interesting line called “Metal”.
Ragini Ahuja, Ragini Ahuja

Bringing in linear geometry, Ragini worked with appliquéd sheep nappa to recreate the beauty of flora and fauna along with brass strips. Yet Ragini’s fabric base was a little fragile, as sheer Chanderi and cottons were the choice for strong fashion statements. In addition, the exquisite marbled effect of metallic colours with oxblood and gold hints gave the garments a New Age touch.
The look was very relaxed with a marked laid back androgynous message, as boyfriend shirts, oversized bomber jackets, muscle tank dresses and athletic leather bustiers made an impressive appearance on the ramp. 
Ragini Ahuja, Ragini Ahuja

The metallic alphabet appliqués appeared prominently for the garments, while the over shirts spelt comfort all the way. Interesting entries were the short leather top, long printed sheath topped with leather appliqué, a soft cover over a tube dress, striking black mini with loose pants, brown shirt and kimono top with tonal detailing. 
Ragini Ahuja, Ragini Ahuja

The solitary men’s wear entry comprised soft blouson with a bold metallic appliqué and easy trousers.
Mention must be made of the striking thick wedges, which once again had metallic words fixed on the base.
Ragini Ahuja assured that each piece from her “Metal” collection was an exclusive one, thus giving the buyer an edge when it comes to wearing her creations in a crowded room.


For two seasons Rixi Bhatia and Jayesh Sachdev have been creating a fashionable stir with their label “Quirk Box”. For Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014, the designer duo’s collection called “Bombay Balloon” was a nostalgic inspiration, which recreated the vintage charm of Bollywood cinema and theatre.
Quirk Box, Quirk Box

Using Chanderi, crepe and georgette, the designers brought in colour blocking with delicate textured details. With such a vibrant theme it was but natural that the colour card had to be versatile; so tones of mustard, burnt orange, teal blue, emerald along with metallics like grey, gold and black came in for a fun filled line.
Pen and ink drawings featured the characteristic images of Bombay on all the garments. From the big air balloon to rickshaws, buses, zeppelins, bulbs, boats, the iconic Gateway of India - the print story was a great mix of memories past.
Quirk Box, Quirk Box

The silhouettes ranged from soft swinging blouses and skirts, to patch work dresses, maxis with pleat detailing, lapel waistcoat with a striped blouse, mini smock, cropped tops and double-breasted jacket.
Quirk Box, Quirk Box

Men’s wear was as colourful and followed the theme religiously with black waistcoat and a suit with all the ink and pen drawings - but this time in white on a black background.
Quirk Box, Quirk Box
The collection was further enhanced with the trendy jewellery from Tinka Bhatia and the bespoke limited edition line of hand crafted leather shoes by Cuero-HandCraftedLuxury exclusively designed for Quirk Box Gold using the original art prints.
For men and women who want stylish but unconventional clothes that are colourful, fun and trendy, then “Bombay Balloon” by Rixi Bhatia and Jayesh Sachdev for their “Quirk Box” label will give them ample options.  


Innovativeness took form in the shape of designer Tanya Sharma’s label “Gaga” as she overwhelmed the audience yet again at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014. Staying true to her natural heritage, Tanya drew inspiration from bountiful India by honouring the traditional techniques of prints and dyeing.
GAGA by TANYA SHARMA, GAGA by Tanya Sharma

Various Indian classics of textile treatments like Bandhani, leheriya, tie-n-dye and bold block printing were used to give it the glamorous look that Indians are proud of.
These traditional historical techniques were contrasted with the modern choice of fabrics like jersey, silk and satin that was complementary with the added sparkle of beautiful zardosi embroidery.
GAGA by TANYA SHARMA, GAGA by Tanya Sharma

The silhouettes were the perfect combination of sporty with a touch of glam for jumpers, maxi dresses, ankle length pants, shirts and short kurtas. Garments that were eye-catching were the Indo- western combination of a cropped top and a pant along with a half sari drape. A garment that stood out was the midi dress with lime green, two-layered sleeves and a bright blue bodice. The compilation embodied colours like dark blue, shades of green and a sunny yellow.
GAGA by TANYA SHARMA, GAGA by Tanya Sharma

This collection by Tanya Sharma for her label “Gaga” was certainly eye-catching and ‘desi’-full with just the right amount of modernism to make it fabulous. Look out! Here comes a revolution!


The young and bubbly designer Aartivijay Gupta showed how wise beyond her years she was when it came to fashion, as she presented her line at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014. Bold and historical were the focal points of the consequential collection. “Who Wore What When” was the title and inspiration behind the brilliant compilation.
Aarti retraced the major breakthroughs of interesting prints in the fashion industry that were revolutionary and extraordinary in their own time period. Phasing through years of anarchistic clothing inventions, she artistically bought to life the history of world costumes and fashion with her creations. 

Quantum leaps like the corset-and-crinoline, hats from different centuries, hairstyles, accessories and voluminous ball gowns were turned into prints. From the ever famous Roman drapes and French medieval costumes to Italian fashion in the 17th century, history was hinted at as images on the garments. 

Undoubtedly, the look that accompanied this portrayal was vintage with a touch of old world charm and grace. The silhouettes were inspired by the long-gone golden eras that would never be forgotten. Monochrome was the major colour story of the collection that made it all the more pleasing to the eye.
The major standouts were the old fashioned prints used cleverly on the garments such as a corset printed on the front instead of worn, along with net on the lower half of the dress. Another highlight was a turtle neck collar along with exaggerated padded shouldered short jacket for a shift midi. 
There was a singular men’s wear garment that featured a monochromatic suit with ankle length pants that showed the unisexual aspects of the compilation.
Merging seamlessly, the meeting of two worlds of the ‘then’ and ‘now’, Aartivijay Gupta brought nothing less than excellence to the fashion platform. Somehow she gave vintage a whole new definition by transforming them into classy contemporary wearable fashion.


Designer duo Teresa Laisom and Utsav Pradhan under their label ‘Munkee see Munkee doo’ showcased an uber chic collection titled ‘An Asian living in Europe’ at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014. 
The imaginative range inspired by Japanese modern art and culture incorporated contemporary European aesthetics onto silhouettes, which ranged from skirts, dresses, coats, jackets, tops to trousers. 
MUNKEE SEE MUNKEE DOO, Munkee See Munkee Doo
Structured with a charming, natural flow, each piece was a beautiful fusion of oriental-meets-modern.
Layers dominated the outfits in unique blends such as wool-felt, viscose twill and poly-satin while embroideries with chords and shaded threads helped add a touch of bold sophistication.
MUNKEE SEE MUNKEE DOO, Munkee See Munkee Doo

Mesh work along with zippers, pleats and an innovative use of suspenders to connect pieces infused a sporty-fun vibe, balancing out the range’s diverse appeal. 
The colour palette comprised bold tones of white, red, grey, black, dusky cream and blue, while also offering paler, pastel tones for a more playful edge. 
MUNKEE SEE MUNKEE DOO, Munkee See Munkee Doo
A particularly ravishing vintage inspired ensemble comprised a steel toned skirt accentuated by thread work and a garnet red coat-like shirt. 
Electric, traditional and quirky ‘Munkee see Munkee doo’ by Teresa Laisom and Utsav Pradhan was one range that’s sure to be the talk of the town!