Street Style Diaries Barcelona - Luca and Susana

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Its been said that a couple whose been together for long or belongs together start looking similar. Do you agree? Luca and Susana are one such VINTAGE loving cool couple who we spotted; their similarity didn't end with the obvious identical punctured earlobes and nose rings, they are both in creative professional pursuits as well!
Luca and Susana
Luca is a musician and a professional model and Susana transforms beautiful faces into gorgeous with her art....she is a make-up artist. Susana wears a black tank paired with a leather short skirt also in leather......perfect to flaunt her exquisite butterflies and other tattooed body art. A leopard skin and leather sling bag and lovely clear glass vintage frames are accessories of her choice.
Luca and Susana
Luca pairs his rolled-up denim shorts in black denim with a Vintage Palm print short sleeves resort shirt worn buttoned-up. A baseball cap in green that says OBEY and vintage black shades are the accessories that complete his look. A full crop of well-groomed facial hair is just the way to be right now!
Luca and Susana
Love the nose ring touch... muy bien! just saw Lady Gaga sporting one too, brings out a certain Goth vibe. Did anyone tell either of you earlier that you look like each other? Keep doing the good work and keep looking good you two, Susana and Luca!
Luca and Susana

Street Style Diaries Barcelona - Chelsea Mcintyre

Friday, 10 April 2015

Chelsea, like her mate Eva is an avid traveler as well! Simply love her summer dress which we were told is from her trip to Japan. We are always ready for a treasure hunt in Harajuku, Shibuya and Roppongi districts of Tokyo.....its simply amazing!
Chelsea wears a summer dress in an all over floral print with a very interesting ruched hem-line detail paired up with a bandeaux in black and white. her gorgeous Retro cat-eye shades and Nude leather strap sandals are the accessories of her choice for this minimal, sans make-up and summer ready look.
Chelase Mcintyre Hook is an Australian and was on a 4 month European trip with her mate Eva when we caught up with them in Barcelona. Hope you two gorgeous girls had a good trip!

Street Style Diaries Barcelona - Eva

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Australian Eva is a traveler and is was on a trip around Europe for 4 months when we met her in Barcelona. She caught our attention with her flaming red hair color and a beautiful Red-Indian head with feathered headgear tattoo on her thigh. Adding more color to her personality are her fabulous mirrored pink shades and her blue headband....the rest is black and simple!
Eva wears a sleeveless black crew neck tank and pairs it with a pair of cut-off shorts in black denim. Comfortable leather sneakers from Vans in black and white (I have the same ones and they are amazing to walk around in). Eva loves her rings and sports multiple of them on her fingers with black lacquered nails. Pearl drops in her ears and two chokers add elegance to her look.
Eva lives in London and takes the cuts and bruises from her adventures in her stride!

Street Style Diaries Barcelona - Eduard Mamblona

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A little bit of Hip-hop, a little bit of swag and a little bit of Shamelessness in Eduard's street style makes it distinct. The longish T shirt or the Tall T as its becoming popular as is the latest must-have-piece, borrowed from the Hip-hop generation into the mainstream menswear. Made popular by artists like Kanye West and Chris Brown and done well over the seasons by labels like Acne and Ann Demeulemeester, its refreshing to see men experimenting with their silhouettes!  
Eduard Mamblona,Eduard Mamblona
Eduard wears a color blocked long T in black and white with short sleeved, rolled-up. A very interesting T from Bershka with the usage of the the perforated jersey, normally used in sportswear and a very interesting struck-off SHAMLESS print on the back. He pairs is with a pair of skinnies in acid washed black, rolled-up to the ankles and black-n-white Nike sneakers.
Eduard Mamblona,Eduard Mamblona
His head-phones with his favorite music and his cool black and paisley printed baseball cap are the accessories that complete his Shameless look! Eduard Mamblona is a fashion consultant with Bershka in Barcelona and works at Passeig de Gracia.......what and office address! we are envious!
Eduard Mamblona,Eduard Mamblonahttp

Street Style Diaries Barcelona - Maria Carvajal

Friday, 27 March 2015

Maria Carvajal caught our eyes for her SIMPLICITY. Her minimalistic retro style, reminiscent of the 60's is a fine example of modern urban sophistication. She embodies the understated refined elegance of Jacky Kennedy and the quirkiness of Twiggy, both iconic for their style and time.
We love how the nude pale shades compliment her and leave her countenance glowing, cutting a striking portrait.,Maria Carvajal
Maria wears a color block top in pale skin tone and midnight blue and a pair of cut-off pleated pants, both from COS. She wears platform wedge sandals from ZARA and very cool transparent round acetate retro dark shade from TOSCANA(they do some amazing check them out!),Maria Carvajal
Maria is an online marketing professional and live and works in Barcelona. Nothing says spring better than a breezy ride through a bike friendly city like Barcelona, specially if you have one like Maria!,Maria Carvajal
Her amazing city ride is as cool and retro in style as her and a definite head turner. In mint green, chrome wood and leather, this compact machine would be such a pleasure to ride on....don't you think!,Maria Carvajal

Street Style Diaries Barcelona - Alexandre Becker

Monday, 23 March 2015

Dressed for summer and groomed for the moment, he looked like a fashion model/ someone definitely in a creative profession,  probably British, making the most of his rare day off in this fabulous Spanish city. Well that was our first impression of Alexandre Becker, he is not a professional model (can't figure why not...) and is not a Brit. A few questions about his whereabouts made us hungry!......, Alexandre Becker
Imagine if the chef manages to put his clothes and appearance together like this on a regular day, how gorgeous to the eyes and divine to taste would be the dishes he plates! Alexandre is a Chef de Cuisine and and lives and works in  Brazil, another paradise of surf and skate, sun & sand and Joie de Vivre!, Alexandre Becker
Alexandre sports the ever trendy undercut hair style that refuses to fade away, with a full groomed-to- perfection Mo-beard. He loves his tattoos and going by the few but intricate artworks he is inked with, looks like he chooses them well and after much consideration. We absolutely love his vintage steel watch., Alexandre Becker
Alexandre wears a plain white short sleeves T with sleeves rolled up with a pair of cut above the knee, city shorts in black. A red and black tartan shirt tied around the waist is a fine statement in street style and prepares him if he feels like shirting-up. Cool square green tinted Ray-bans and a leather backpack in black, with a black pea-cap hooked to it and a long key pendant chain are his ingredients for garnish! He chooses a Hi-top all white sneakers for footwear, that's been on our Menswear must haves list...go get them., Alexandre Becker

Street Style Diaries Barcelona -Daniella, Lal Mirch, Xavi

Monday, 16 March 2015

Barcelona has very vibrant mix of subcultures and its a delight to visit for its openness and rich city vibe and of course great shopping!. This capital of Catalunya has been an important places where the punk subculture emerged as a rebellion against the oppression around 1978 during the Franquismo. This Spanish subculture thrives and is well conserved with its own distinct identity by the youth of today. We met a group of three friends Xavi, Daniela and Lal Mirch who represent this unique subculture in a very Catalan way.
Xavi, Xavi

Xavi wears a message T in black paired with a pair of torn denims folded up. He wears a pair of 14 eye Doc Marten boots in black with white laces. The punctured earlobes, piercings, punk and coloured hair and chunky chains are his accessories of choice.
Lal Mirch, Lal Mirch

Lal Mirch (her name in Hindi means Red Chilly!!), wears a sleeveless message T with a pair of cloudy washed pair of denims in black. Her choice of footwear is also a pair of Doc Martens in Black but with a twist of red and black laces in either foot. Punk hair with skinned head, punctured lobes, piercings, metal spiked neck and wrist bands, hip chains with a padlock and a backpack in black are the accessories of choice for this bespectacled beauty.
Daniella, Daniella

Daniella gives us a pretty punk version with her cat-eye make-up. She wears a Catalan flag T with sleeves rolled up with a pair of skinnies in blue denim, a pair of red plimsolls and a leather backpack in brown. Like her friends punctured earlobes, undercut hair style with a coloured crop on sideways and piercings complete her look.,Daniella, Lal Mirch, Xavi

The three amigos paint a pretty picture of this very identifiable Barcelona youth culture and life. We wonder how similar yet how different they are together!

Street Style Diaries - Nidhi Jacob

Monday, 2 March 2015

Nidhi Jacob has a distinct style, a style that's minimal, high-on-comfort and ease, drawing from vintage and tradition, blending a ZEN like calm and veering towards unisex, its this distinct identity that sees this fashion editor of ELLE go about her duties.
Nidhi Jacob, Nidhi Jacob
Nidhi wears this blue-on-blue color blocked long tunic (kurta) in cotton and pairs it up with a divided skirt in black, just about grazing her mid-calf. A structured sling bag in white leather and seemingly super comfortable slip on shoes in black & white completes her look. A short crop for hair and a sans make-up Nidhi manages to make heads turn with an almost boyish/ girlish charm!
Nidhi Jacob, Nidhi Jacob
We are impressed by how the use of unconventional cut-n-sew color blocking and a innovative play with proportions speak out a completely new language that's difficult to pin down and categorize or slot, something that we all love to do.
Nidhi Jacob, Nidhi Jacob
Tunic- REBOOT by Anuj Bhutani
Skirt_ asos
Shoes- H&M
Bag- & another stories

Street Style Diaries - Gursi Singh

Monday, 23 February 2015

Gursi Singh is the co-founder of the label Lovebirds along with Amrita Khanna. What drew our attention is his fabulous pair of shades and the whole minimal and clean urban look that he sports. We agree the shoes maybe an unusual choice but hey they are signature "Lovebirds" might be his lucky pair! 
Gursi Singh, Gursi Singh
Gursi wears this black T paired with a tailored pair of black trousers. The tailored shacket (shirt+jacket) in beige is an unusual piece, clean and minimalistic. Almost a cross between a waistcoat and a short sleeve shirt, it works beautifully as a layering piece and brings in just a hint of structure to the outfit.
Gursi Singh, Gursi Singh

Gursi also shows a fabulous new way to wear the hair undercut style paired with a top man-bun,  pushing the boundaries just a bit with the traditional Sikh style. A neatly trimmed full Mo-beard bring out his personality and are keeping with the clean and sophisticated urban-ism that they showed with the Lovebirds collection.
Gursi Singh, Gursi Singh

Street Style Diaries - Preeti Dhata

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Preeti Dhata is a busy model and one of the most versatile faces in the modelling world today. She has been all over, editorials, commercial adverts, on the ramp and on the Vogue cover. When she is not made-up pretty like-a-bride walking the ramp for the celebrated Indian designers.....this is how she'd like to be!

Comfortable, cool and Tomboyish! As a term a tomboy has always been used to slot women who dress up like men would and above all have a I-don't-care attitude. We love that attitude and we love that Androgynous streak of non-conformity to societal norms.
Preeti Dhata, Preeti Dhata

Preeti wears a comfortable pair of used wash blue jeans, popularly know as the boyfriend fit, rolled up at the ankles. She pairs it with an oversize short sleeve shirt with a flora and fauna artwork, again quite interesting as this is not your typical Hawaiian prints that are hugely popular at the moment.
Preeti Dhata, Preeti Dhata

Burgundy suede lace-up shoes, a studded leather belt and an authentic leather conductor's sling bag, both in brown are her accessories of choice. She tops up her look with a pair of unisex retro round tortoise and gold rimmed shades....we adore!
Preeti Dhata, Preeti Dhata

Preeti is one of the few women who have used their gorgeous dusky complexion as an asset, and this beauty stands out among all the fair and lovelies!

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