Street Style Diaries - Gursi Singh

Monday, 23 February 2015

Gursi Singh is the co-founder of the label Lovebirds along with Amrita Khanna. What drew our attention is his fabulous pair of shades and the whole minimal and clean urban look that he sports. We agree the shoes maybe an unusual choice but hey they are signature "Lovebirds" might be his lucky pair! 
Gursi Singh, Gursi Singh
Gursi wears this black T paired with a tailored pair of black trousers. The tailored shacket (shirt+jacket) in beige is an unusual piece, clean and minimalistic. Almost a cross between a waistcoat and a short sleeve shirt, it works beautifully as a layering piece and brings in just a hint of structure to the outfit.
Gursi Singh, Gursi Singh

Gursi also shows a fabulous new way to wear the hair undercut style paired with a top man-bun,  pushing the boundaries just a bit with the traditional Sikh style. A neatly trimmed full Mo-beard bring out his personality and are keeping with the clean and sophisticated urban-ism that they showed with the Lovebirds collection.
Gursi Singh, Gursi Singh

Street Style Diaries - Preeti Dhata

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Preeti Dhata is a busy model and one of the most versatile faces in the modelling world today. She has been all over, editorials, commercial adverts, on the ramp and on the Vogue cover. When she is not made-up pretty like-a-bride walking the ramp for the celebrated Indian designers.....this is how she'd like to be!

Comfortable, cool and Tomboyish! As a term a tomboy has always been used to slot women who dress up like men would and above all have a I-don't-care attitude. We love that attitude and we love that Androgynous streak of non-conformity to societal norms.
Preeti Dhata, Preeti Dhata

Preeti wears a comfortable pair of used wash blue jeans, popularly know as the boyfriend fit, rolled up at the ankles. She pairs it with an oversize short sleeve shirt with a flora and fauna artwork, again quite interesting as this is not your typical Hawaiian prints that are hugely popular at the moment.
Preeti Dhata, Preeti Dhata

Burgundy suede lace-up shoes, a studded leather belt and an authentic leather conductor's sling bag, both in brown are her accessories of choice. She tops up her look with a pair of unisex retro round tortoise and gold rimmed shades....we adore!
Preeti Dhata, Preeti Dhata

Preeti is one of the few women who have used their gorgeous dusky complexion as an asset, and this beauty stands out among all the fair and lovelies!

Street Style Diaries - Nayaan Chaudhary

Friday, 13 February 2015

Style over comfort or comfort over style?

Would you choose casual comfort over formal style or style over comfort?

Do we really have to choose?

Not so long ago a formal jacket paired with anything other than a dress shirt and dress shoes would invite bemused glances of disapproval. Its as if one was committing a dressing blunder by breaking the Code. Yes there was a time when Nayaan wearing the shoes he is could be denied entry to a chic nightspot!! Well not anymore!
Nayaan Chaudhary, Nayaan Chaudhary

With comfort becoming the-style-of-the-moment and a movement leading to coining of the term Athleisure (Athletic+leisure) Nayaan gets it spot on!
Nayaan Chaudhary, Nayaan Chaudhary

Nayaan Chaudhary wears these comfortable slacks in blue with the hems rolled-up paired with a reflected horizon print T in shades of blue. His all-white Hi-top sneakers spell COOL. A 2BSB(2 button single breast) jacket in a midnight blue, worn with sleeves pushed up, a transparent pair of acetate dark shades, a neat hairdo and a well intended stubble add to the cool quotient.
Nayaan is a professional model.

Street Style Diaries - Jishma Parikh

Monday, 9 February 2015

Hope you all have got a fab start to 2015! A new year always brings along with it new hopes and dreams and a renewed vigor to go after chasing those dreams.

Lets start our street style trail with Jishma Parikh and her love for butterflies and birds in her tattoos.

Jishma Parekh, Jishma Parekh
Jishma has two tattoos worth flaunting and she does that with her cleverly chosen pieces of clothing. She wears this cut-off shoulder top with 3/4th sleeves in black and pairs it up with a pair of hot shorts also in black. Studded around the shoulder her amazingly shaded tattoo gets framed and is a definite conversation starter!
Jishma Parekh, Jishma Parekh
We love the fact that Jishma's minimal approach to styling works with gold hoops in the ear, as does her amazing hair color reminding us of a peacock feather.....very well chosen indeed.
Jishma Parekh, Jishma Parekh

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