Five days Five Looks One Pal- Parfum Dellic Day 4

Thursday, 10 July 2014

A ride about town

There are a few things in life that are unquestionably cool like the look of an urban biker. The tough machismo at the same time oh-so-desirable image created by Marlon Brando and James Dean refuses to go from our memories. Out for a ride about town, Parfum showed up in this super cool biker jacket in beaten leather and I was suddenly reminded of those posters we all had in our rooms, I did., Parfum Dellic Day four Bike Ride

Parfum Dellic

Even though a biker jacket can be teamed up with almost anything today and made to work, for the traditional guy blue jean has always been the sartorial choice. We've seen this versatile and forever desirable piece being worn with tailored pants, over suits and even shorts., Parfum Dellic Day four Bike Ride

Parfum Dellic

Parfum wears his leather biker with this modern custom tailored pair of slim trousers in blue plaid. A plunge neck tank in a camouflage pattern, a dog-tag, heavy duty Timberland lace-up boots, aviators and his tattoos all adding to the Tough-guy style quotient., Parfum Dellic Day four Bike Ride

Parfum Dellic

Apart from the Rebellious symbolism, the biker jacket is a must-have wardrobe piece for the modern gent.  Make sure you INVEST in a great one, preferably in leather. I know its expensive but its one piece that will last you a lifetime and will never go out of style. Here's looking at you kid!, Parfum Dellic Day four Bike Ride

Parfum Dellic

Tank vest- Zara
Dog-tag- Jack and Jones
Hiking Boots- Timberland
Trousers- Custom


  1. Love the biker leather jacket and the ray-bans, such a funky look.

  2. I agree this outfit is all over cool. Reminds me of a late 70's rockstar or even a rockstar today on their way to starbucks the shades & tattoos just make this entire look SO much cooler.


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