The Best Dressed

Monday, 6 February 2012

The best dressed

The First Ladies of the US have always been dressed by the designers based out of their country. Here is an archived tour of some of the dresses worn by Jacky Kennedy View gallery here . The monarchs/ politicians and diplomats of various other nations are groomed and put their best dressed self forward when representing their respective country.

Don’t you think it’s time we dressed the representatives of our countries with our best?

We do employ the designers to style our Miss India to Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Earth; why not the other representatives?

While witnessing the grand Republic day parade I realized that our President was wrapped in a beautiful sari with an inconspicuous scarf on her head under a pallu over her head. Maybe it’s time our reputed designers stepped up and gave the powerful a make-over for the better.

India is poised to become a nation to reckon with, a rising nation. We have to present ourselves better. Be it vocally or through our presence. Its time all the politicians, diplomats are groomed while representing our nation on the global platforms.

Another positive outcome would be promoting Indian Fashion Industry which is still struggling to gain a foothold on International platforms.

Know Them?

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Know them?

At another big glamorous retail space, it was quite exhilarating to notice that while some make a conscious effort to dress up for the glorious occasion to come and shop in an upscale brand while others (who are very few) just didn’t care. Ones that do dress up know better, that they have a reputation to live up to, shopping in an upscale store. Others just came to get a glimpse of the fascinating world, hoping to be part of it someday.

In such scenarios I always put on my observers hat to weave my web of stories in my head. It actually comes quite naturally to spot the out of towner’s, the fashionistas, the wannabe fashionistas and the ones who just came to get anything that fits the budget from the big international brand.

If clothes were just to cover a body why did people lay so much of stress on dressing up a part and playing it? It would be shallow to try and read people from the way they dress but the footfalls to the store would tell you a different story.

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