How to wear crop top

Monday, 21 July 2014

Five ways to sport a crop top

After Palazzo pants the one thing that has caught our eye and fancy is well on its way to become a must have wardrobe piece, the Crop top. Available in myriad hues and shapes and fabrication, the crop top is what we are loving at the moment.

Given that Indian women, no matter how traditional have been so comfortable baring their midriff with our saree-blouse silhouette that a crop top seems an apt modern update that fits right in...don't you think?

From the crop-top-chic-style-divas featured here earlier we've put together a simple guide for go ahead choose your style....and rock the crop top you must!

Shelly gives us an indigo chic look with her sequined chess-board crop top. its perfect for a day-out shopping or walking around the museum districts or whatever you do to entertain yourself...

Shelly Sarkar, Shelly Sarkar, How to wear a crop top

Nayaab gives us a more dressy version with her window-pane checkered shorts and an open jacket. Go with this look for a more semi-formal occasion, where you want to be dressed up yet casual, apt for a day event.

Nayaab Randhawa, Nayaab Randhawa, How to wear a crop top

Chandni's version with her bandeau top is quite out there.....bold, girl gone wild, beautiful look. She mixes sports, traveler, retro influences with ease to own her look like no other..
Chandni Sareen, Chandni Sareen, How to wear a crop top

Nishka and please-tell-me-who-this-gorgeous-lass-is give us a very e formal elegant look with their constructed woven crop tops paired with a long pencil skirt. This solid, complementary colored top-skirt combo is so refreshingly clean and tailored, we totally dig...
Nishka Lulla, Nishka Lulla How to Wear a crop top

The three-quarter sleeves work beautifully with the top cut to stay away from the body adding to its appeal. Trust me this is such a confident  look that I would take even to the board-room and make sure my presence is taken note of., How to Wear a crop top

Masoom, with her high neck sleeveless knit crop top shows us a Boho-chic relaxed resort look, color-block, yet another way to rock this look! The top gives her a canvas for her exquisite neck-piece. I think it elongates the appearance as well.

Masoom Minawala, Masoom Minawala How to Wear a crop top


  1. Loved the checkered crop top!

    xo, L.

  2. Masoom Minawala really rocked it! I like the way she styled the top with that oversized necklace!


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