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Thursday, 30 October 2014

90's Revival

Crop tops cropped up everywhere last summer as a result of our desire to revisit the past, the 90's to refresh our wardrobe, and we did bring you a post on how to do it right with examples. Hope you added to the crop top revolution by adding a couple to your wardrobe. 

Another key piece from the 90's were the dungarees, mostly in denim then, washed, distressed in all possible ways and hugely popular. They brought out a very casual and playful attitude.

Mansi Kejriwal gives us the NOW and updated version of it in her impeccably tailored dungarees in black taking the attitude from the casual to an almost formal perception, and that we love!

Mansi Kejriwal, Mansi Kejriwal

Mansi pairs up her pair of tailored dungarees cut above the ankles to a 7/8th length with a beaded knit crop top in grey. We love the silhouette she creates and the fact that her choice of accessories to go along bring out the sharp sophistication so well.
Mansi Kejriwal, Mansi Kejriwal

Mansi wears her hair tied up, well outlined eyes and a lip color that complements her quirky metal and acrylic cut-out danglers.
Mansi Kejriwal, Mansi Kejriwal

Keeping with the cut-out theme we also love her choice of footwear that is a pair of pointed toe ballet shoes with sides cut out, in black patent leather. It enhances her look of sharp sophistication....don't you think?
Mansi Kejriwal, Mansi Kejriwal

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