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Friday, 17 October 2014

The Old World Charm

The Double breasted suit has been wowing the coming-off age men recently.  Dressier than the single breasted and much popular counterpart, the DB suit is more elegant and more symbolic of power. This has been reinforced by the power dressers like Brad Pitt, David Beckham and shown on the ramps to much applaud by the style Guru Tom Ford.

Anuj Bhutani shows her his interpretation of the DB suit that is unique and modern albeit with an air of that old world charm and magnanimity.

Anuj Bhutani, Anuj Bhutani

Anuj's DB jacket in slate grey is cut with a broader shoulder, and a complementing lapel to an oversize length just a little above the mid thigh. He has done away from the conventional 6X2 and 4X2 button layout to stick to 2x2 layout at the waist. A black shirt worn un-tucked and the roomy-tapering-towards-the-bottom pants cut well above the ankles brings out his unique silhouette. A pair of dark tan vintage leather oxford shoes finish off his look.

 Anuj Bhutani, Anuj Bhutani

The random geometric pattern on his suit add another dimension to his interpretation. Re-visiting the classics to interpret the new modern. Anuj Bhutani is a designer and showed at the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week 14 in Mumbai.

 Anuj Bhutani, Anuj Bhutani

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