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Friday, 10 October 2014

The Underground Movement is here

How refreshing is it to see guys having fun with proportions! I mean we see girls doing it all the time with various silhouettes, but boys seem to be stuck in the top+bottom proportions with a few variants in the fits going from loose to skinny and back.
Sam Shangh Zing Kasar;Sam Shangh Zing Kasar

Zing refreshes us with his black and white take on Yohji Yamamoto visits NYC Underground take with his attire.
Sam Shangh Zing Kasar,Sam Shangh Zing Kasar

Zing wears this oversized short sleeves shirt, buttoned-up in white with big bold graphic print in black with sleeves rolled-up. He pairs it up with a mid-calf length leggings in black with a bold white NY print. He studded hi-top sneakers in white leather and the bling-glares with a metal chain add the Swag of a Hip Hopper...
Sam Shangh Zing Kasar,Sam Shangh Zing Kasar

Sam Shangh Zing Kasar,Sam Shangh Zing Kasar

Zing is a make-up artist from Manipur and this BOY'S SHIRT is sure GROWING on me!

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