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Monday, 3 November 2014

Infused Native

Manipur is a land of rich crafts and deeply entrenched tradition of music, dance, and a heightened sense of aesthetic awareness that touches every sphere of a Manipuri's life. The pottery, the reed and bamboo crafts, the jewelry all have the power to mesmerize.

Meeting Longrei was an affirmation to the unique artisan sensibilities that he brings to his accessories that he crafts out of materials native to him and to Manipur.
Longrei shows his preference for black by dressing on a monochromatic color scheme with his short sleeve henleys, a pair of leather+knit paneled joggers and heavy duty Doc Martin ankle length boots. It absolutely works as his accessories shine through!
His unique undercut with a long locks at the back hairstyle is held by this amazing pair of hair-pins fashioned with leather, beads and feathers. It brings such unique tribal infused aesthetics to these relevant and modern pieces. We love the dream-catcher neck piece that adorns his neck!
His mirrored aviators, bracelets, studded biking glove and his looped in accessories add a rawness to this amazingly crafted and thought about masculine BIKER look. Longrei shows a perfect way to all the men who love accessories, but are afraid. What we love the most of infusion of the native with the modern.

Longrei is a graphic designer from Manipur.

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