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Tuesday, 28 October 2014


How many men have you seen who can wear the wavy cascading Quiff the way Daniel can? When I spotted Daniel this time, he transported me to the Elvis era, mostly by his hair but also his whole styled look had a rockabilly chic vibe to it that we can spot on the streets of London more easily than Mumbai!
Daniel Franklin, Daniel Franklin
Daniel wears this horizontal striped blue+black shirt with short sleeves and a grand-dad collar, very MOD, as are his black leather brogue tassel loafers, with a pair of his favorite blue skinny jeans with hems rolled up-to the ankles. The X-factor is brought in by the asymmetric cut oversize knit shirt that he layers on!
Daniel Franklin, Daniel Franklin

The quiff was of course almost patented by Elvis, but NOW we are seeing more modern versions of it much like Daniel's with shaved sides and long rolled cascade front. Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Zac Effron have all been seen in versions of the Quiff and are quite popular hairstyle-of-the-moment!
Daniel Franklin, Daniel Franklin

Of course Daniel was at a Fashion Stylist with The Juice Magazine by His Tan leather satchel holds everything that he might need including a strong-hold spray for the cascade,we're guessing!
Daniel Franklin, Daniel Franklin

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