Do we choose who we are?

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Do we choose who we are?

Encouraged by my better half to share my perspective brought on the beginning of a new journey. This blog is dedicated to him.

I often wonder if we choose who we are everyday or do situations really make us? Just like our choice of clothing every day? Some say it’s their mood that dictates their choices. Some hide behind their garb and best yet some dress to play a part.

I for one believe if I choose who I am then I have to make choices everyday starting with what to wear to the mood I carry with me all day around.

I don't judge the ones who choose what they wear but if I come across someone who has put in thoughts behind their clothes I am intrigued. I start spinning my web of imagination around the personality. Somehow the story leads to me wonder if the people are reflecting what they are wearing, is by choice or an attempt to hide who they are.

So do we choose who we are or are we a product of our situations, led by our choices or a representation of our future? The clues are in choice of clothes; only if we can decode them.

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