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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Rue Etienne Marcel has some of my favorite brands that are a must visit for me on every trip to Paris. All Saints, Diesel, Replay, Marithe+Francoise Girbaud, Sandro, Yohji Yamamoto and the multibrand store Kiliwatch. Hanging out with a bunch of his friends and chilling just outside the Replay store, I couldnt help but notice Robin Jude le Texier in his cool street smart look. One look at him and you could tell that he has some great personal style and if I am not wrong definitely involved in the creative pursuits, either music or the arts.  There is something about his aura that I've seen around artists, deep and lost-to-the-world chasing their own train of thought, elusive in spirit even in their physical presence.

Robin wears a pair of used dark denims with the hem folded up to the ankles, an amazing hand knitted ethnic-tribal-native patterned sweater, a long coat in grey and a pair of black high top shoes. He finishes his look with a black bowlers hat and a brown leather backpack. I totally dig the sweater with deep colors with such a vintage feel to it, yet so contemporary.
tre chic monsieur!

Robin wears a pair of used dark denims with the hem folded up to the ankles

Robin Jude Le Texier

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