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Friday, 21 November 2014

Modern Legacy 

Let's start by saying we are your Fans Shruti Bheda! 

Totally mesmerized and captivated by your personality that encapsulates the concept of modernity without having to let go of the past. Taking the traces from our human heritage, our native roots, the ancestral  legacy along and make it a part of your modern being brings out a unique individual, like no other. A time traveller who has been there, THEN and is here, NOW.
Shruti Bheda, Shruti Bheda
We don't know if its the Native American braided hairstyle, the Indian tribal nose-pins on both the sides-seen on the Chattisgarhi tribal women, the minimal pastel colour blocked top (we love the colours!) and skirt, the silver metal-plate choker, the cross body chain jewellery that Beyonce wears a lot!, the backpack, or the heavy duty traveller boots, that give Shruti the power that she exudes merely by her presence.
Shruti Bheda, Shruti Bheda
It could also be the mysterious eye and lip make-up or the absence of it (you figure!) or simply her deep drawing gaze......Shruti is an accessories designer. 
Shruti Bheda, Shruti Bheda

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