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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Augustine Shimray

Khayashii Augustine Shimray is a personality that is as vibrant and multifaceted as the multicultural land that he comes from, India. This artist/ musician/ model and designer hails from the breathtakingly beautiful and pristine hills of Nagaland. Coming from the head-hunting Tangkhul tribe of heavily tattooed warriors, Augustine is perhaps the the thread that binds tradition and modernity, the primitive and the contemporary.   
Augustine Shimray,Augustine Shimray
Augustine gives us a look that spells Punk Rock with a predominantly black palette, the Mohawk, the punctured lobes, the tattoos, the leather straps and boots, but with a twist that's original and a genuine  representation of who he is rather than an imposition. He wears this asymmetric sleeveless knit top with an over sized pocket and a pair of black customized pants with heavy duty Doc Marten boots, all black.
Augustine Shimray,Augustine Shimray
Augustine is among the few lads of his age to sport the traditional facial tattoos along with the various others that he sports, we're sure each with a story behind it. The various charms and bracelets and armlets that he sports add to his fierce rawness. Augustine also deigns the dream-catchers, one of which he wears. The dream catchers are a native symbol of uniting tribes and are known to filter dreams and catch the nightmares.
Augustine Shimray,Augustine Shimray
Augustine has a musical side to him as well and is also a vocalist for #featherheads, feathers, leather, beads and horn almost are a part of his extended being.
Augustine Shimray,Augustine Shimray
We love the gun holster like contraption he creates with leather and studs for a small pouch that we're guessing is for his tools. Would like to know the story behind the octopus on his hand.....when we meet next!
Augustine Shimray,Augustine Shimray

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