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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Amrita Khanna

There is something quite endearing about Amrita Khanna's style that is bohemian in spirit yet has the body of casual sophistication of a minimalist. The look is tailored, crisp and clean yet full of color and fun elements.
Amrita Khanna, Amrita Khanna

Conversational prints have been trending for a while and this one with as diversified elements as a teddy bear to a comic character, a tiger to a gorilla, a pet bottle to a potted plant, a pineapple, a monument and a roving eye is quite unique and unlike anything we've seen. Its like carrying everything that you like with you....what a conversation starter!..... don't you think?
Amrita Khanna, Amrita Khanna
Amrita wears this color blocked oversize trapeze shape top in while and pastel blue and pairs it with a cropped-to-the-ankles length pair of trousers in black. A pair of meant-for-walking slip on shoes in tan and an oversize pair of shades complement her look. A statement watch, ring and black nails are her well chosen accessories with a full mop of free-spirited curlys.
Amrita Khanna, Amrita Khanna

Its such an easy silhouette to carry of for a city dweller that would suit most body types and is easy-breezy and cool! Amrita is the co-founder and Designer at Love Birds.

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