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Monday, 23 June 2014

Minimal look for maximum impact

Is it just being on trend makes someone stand out or is it the person wearing it? A great conversation starter or an incessant question mark? People create trends, period! And we have proof.

Nayaab shows us how to do a minimal look for maximum impact. The unexpected pairing of windowpane print shorts teamed up with crop top sans accessories hits a home run. Adding more surprise elements are the leopard print loafers and an oh so on trend colour Orange cross body bag. We love the fact that she chose different hues, patterns and brought them all together with a black casual jacket.

A rare combination of edgy and elegant, Nayaab you scored a big goal err.. round of applause.(World cup fever anyone??), Nayaab Randhawa Full Look

Nayaab Randhawa, Nayaab Randhawa  in Crop Top and Shorts

Nayaab Randhawa, Nayaab Randhawa close up portrait

Nayaab Randhawa is a stylist.


  1. I was actually thinking about the concept on being "on trend". One may wear something that is "on trend" but sometimes may feel as though the pieces put together don't seem to mix well. It's almost as if the outfit is wearing me, if that makes any sense! HA. Therefore, I agree with you 100%! It's not about the outfit its about the well the person can wear it what makes it on trend.

    P.s. I definitely love how she styled these simple pieces together.

    Nicole @ Le Beau Aesthetic

  2. Such a lovely blazer and shoes! :)


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