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Monday, 2 June 2014 resonated with us for the impeccable fits, well crafted products and effortless chic. Menswear and fits go hand in hand, and the Bonobos Ninjas work hard to get the right contemporary fits for you that make you look fabulous....always.

When we were approached by the very trendy; we couldn't help but share with you this brand that is so refreshingly cool befitting the modern gent. For the moment the brand ships to North America and Australia, so no problem if you are there....but if you are elsewhere be sure you can find a friend to send/bring you the goodies.

Men are embracing color with a confidence like never before and we were delighted to discover the range of Garment Dyed Chinos that is on offer. We love the color palette the team has come up with, the mints, the washed pastels, the magentas and reds, the cool blues across the Shirts, Polos, Tees, Shorts, Chinos, Suits and'll feel the summer delight....log on and you'll know what I'm talking about! 

Don't forget to check out their thoughtful and amazing accessories!

The brand offers endless styling possibilities with the range. Your blogger was inspired by the stylish men flaunting their favorite summer looks on the street as a part of the look-book. So here is what we decided to do for you...we bring to you 3 of our favorite picks from the look-book and alongside our own twist, another version of them, so you can get that look and another....go on get the look right away!

The summer print delight - Try out a floral print shirt with a neutral color pants and add a bow tie if you are feeling sartorial; pair with sneakers to give it a sporty twist., Summer Print delight Look

Get the Look
Shirt: Navy Floral print (Find Here)
Pants: Slim grey garment dyed chinos (Find here)
Bow-tie: Blue chambray bow-tie (Find here)
Belt: Blue stretch braided belt (Find here)
Shoes: White leather sneaker (Find here)
Bag: Billy Kirk brown leather carryall (Find here)

Decoding Cool at Work - Add jacket with a pocket square to bring out a more formal approach to work-wear; printed tee and garment dyed red chinos add the cool., Decoding cool at work

Get the Look
Tee-Shirt : Slim dark blue and white floral tee shirt (Find here)
Pants : Slim red garment dyed chinos (Find here)
Blazer :Slim printed stripe blazer (Find here)
Pocket Square : Silk nautical print pocket square (Find here
Card Holder : Brown business card holder (Find here)
Shoes : Brown suede leather shoes (Find here)

Lounge/Outdoor/Picnic coolHanging out on a bright summer day choose a hue to help you stand out and add a bold tank top for cool casual. Carry an overnight leather bag if heading out for a leisure weekend and soaking in the sun., Outdoor/picnic/lounge Cool

Get the Look
Top: Navy white bold stripe tank top shirt (Find here)
Pants : Mint Green Slim Washed Chinos (Find Here)
Shoes : Grey cotton leisure shoes (Find here)
Socks: Mock Socks (Find here)
Bag: Sage leather overnight bag (Find here)

Additionally you can try out the product line for fits at a Bonobos Guideshop with a Guide who will help you try and discover the perfect fit and place your orders to be delivered at your doorstep....How cool is that!!

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