If she can, so can I!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

If she can, so can I!

In my previous post I might sound a bit irrational to suggest, “To understand people, decode their choice of clothing”. But in my defense, when I look at a passer-by, I may notice a whole lot of things but strangely enough end up remembering what he/she wore, how they wore it and boy did they look good wearing it! The rest, just dismiss!

My recent trip to a mall; where a certain international brand was on sale, I realized something peculiar, quite extraordinary. In a space cramped with last season’s best fashionable items on sale and brimming full with people in a hurry to get their size before anyone else,  I caught quite a few glancing at others from tip to toe, sometimes in admiration; at times, well in a frown!

The story of the decoding thus took shape. Armed with personal experience, I started to read the glances thrown towards others from time to time. If you spot a head turner you draw inspiration, admire (mind you, not expressing it at all in any way), add a mental note of look; file away in the corner of your head for later reference. If you notice a laggard you file away a note what not-to-wear and how not-to-wear. I always have caught women checking out others seeking clues to how, why and where? How did she think of dressing up like that? Why did she dress up like that? And where did she get that? Finally the eternal question; if she can, I can, Can I?

In all honesty and devoid of any narcissism I have often come across women acquaintances/friends who have at times (well I would like to say always but in the spirit of modesty) taken my clothes and styling as references and flattered me with an identical representation of myself. There has been no mention or dedication or an ode to the originator ever. Such is the world of an urban woman.

Well as I said if she can so can I.

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