Street Style Diaries Barcelona - Alexandre Becker

Monday, 23 March 2015

Dressed for summer and groomed for the moment, he looked like a fashion model/ someone definitely in a creative profession,  probably British, making the most of his rare day off in this fabulous Spanish city. Well that was our first impression of Alexandre Becker, he is not a professional model (can't figure why not...) and is not a Brit. A few questions about his whereabouts made us hungry!......, Alexandre Becker
Imagine if the chef manages to put his clothes and appearance together like this on a regular day, how gorgeous to the eyes and divine to taste would be the dishes he plates! Alexandre is a Chef de Cuisine and and lives and works in  Brazil, another paradise of surf and skate, sun & sand and Joie de Vivre!, Alexandre Becker
Alexandre sports the ever trendy undercut hair style that refuses to fade away, with a full groomed-to- perfection Mo-beard. He loves his tattoos and going by the few but intricate artworks he is inked with, looks like he chooses them well and after much consideration. We absolutely love his vintage steel watch., Alexandre Becker
Alexandre wears a plain white short sleeves T with sleeves rolled up with a pair of cut above the knee, city shorts in black. A red and black tartan shirt tied around the waist is a fine statement in street style and prepares him if he feels like shirting-up. Cool square green tinted Ray-bans and a leather backpack in black, with a black pea-cap hooked to it and a long key pendant chain are his ingredients for garnish! He chooses a Hi-top all white sneakers for footwear, that's been on our Menswear must haves list...go get them., Alexandre Becker

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