Street Style Diaries Barcelona -Daniella, Lal Mirch, Xavi

Monday, 16 March 2015

Barcelona has very vibrant mix of subcultures and its a delight to visit for its openness and rich city vibe and of course great shopping!. This capital of Catalunya has been an important places where the punk subculture emerged as a rebellion against the oppression around 1978 during the Franquismo. This Spanish subculture thrives and is well conserved with its own distinct identity by the youth of today. We met a group of three friends Xavi, Daniela and Lal Mirch who represent this unique subculture in a very Catalan way.
Xavi, Xavi

Xavi wears a message T in black paired with a pair of torn denims folded up. He wears a pair of 14 eye Doc Marten boots in black with white laces. The punctured earlobes, piercings, punk and coloured hair and chunky chains are his accessories of choice.
Lal Mirch, Lal Mirch

Lal Mirch (her name in Hindi means Red Chilly!!), wears a sleeveless message T with a pair of cloudy washed pair of denims in black. Her choice of footwear is also a pair of Doc Martens in Black but with a twist of red and black laces in either foot. Punk hair with skinned head, punctured lobes, piercings, metal spiked neck and wrist bands, hip chains with a padlock and a backpack in black are the accessories of choice for this bespectacled beauty.
Daniella, Daniella

Daniella gives us a pretty punk version with her cat-eye make-up. She wears a Catalan flag T with sleeves rolled up with a pair of skinnies in blue denim, a pair of red plimsolls and a leather backpack in brown. Like her friends punctured earlobes, undercut hair style with a coloured crop on sideways and piercings complete her look.,Daniella, Lal Mirch, Xavi

The three amigos paint a pretty picture of this very identifiable Barcelona youth culture and life. We wonder how similar yet how different they are together!

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