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Monday, 10 February 2014

Hype means Nothing

Hype means nothing to Meitei, he is a bundle of energy, confident and out there! He gives me this pose practiced to perfection from his idol Beyonce with a wide smile.

Meitei is a hairstylist and I'm sure he is absolutely entertaining for anyone who's hair he styles, how wonderful that is. He sports the in-for-the-year undercut style for men, with a twist of top mop with blonde highlights.

He seems well clued in with his style and sports a bold print-on-print trend and totally works it. Printed T-shirts with face prints, celebrity or otherwise and big bold prints is the biggest trend right now. 9 out of 10 brands have it in their collection.  I'm sure you recall the famous moustached celebrity faces on T's by the brand Eleven Paris,. You can also check out Zara to get your hands on these. 

Meitei wears the designer label 'Hype Means Nothing' Beyonce sleeveless T. This label is famous for celebrity face print T's with various celebrities such as David Beckham, Kanye West, the late Nelson Mandela, Michael Jackson and even the character Homer Simpson. Check them out at Hype Means Nothing. He pairs his designer T with a cool off-white-black Navajo printed pair of bottoms, ankle length lace-up boots in washed brown leather and a braided brown leather belt.

Meitei sure is a destiny's child and looks like he's already put a ring on it!

Meitie wears an geometric print pants with beyonce t-shirt print.

Meitei- Hairstylist

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