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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Accessories are the most important choices that one needs to make after one has chosen what clothes to wear. They have the power to lift your style and take it to another level. Shoes, bags, belts, glasses prescription or otherwise, jewelry, watches must be chosen very carefully.
Some accessories become an integral part of us, whether its a pendant that we have an emotional connect to, a ring that signifies a relationship, or a lucky bracelet which, when worn makes everything right! These pieces remain as can and must be chosen!
Roma, Roma
Roma wears a sleeveless jumpsuit in black and pairs it with a crop top also sleeveless in a cobalt blue that adds a vibrant pop of color to her personality. However most delightful is her very unique neck piece and sunglasses drawing the viewers gaze against the plain black canvas of her jumpsuit. The dual string neck piece looks like a hi-tech gizmo refashioned from interesting and intriguing parts.....I sure wanna know more about it....don't you?
The oversize gold rimmed Jon Lennon glares are fabulous and just right for the moment where shapes of sunglasses are undergoing a major reinvention.
Roma, Roma
She finishes her look with a pair of white striped leather sneakers in black and an envelop sling bag in brown leather that spells out the only two things on her (true for most of us!) TO DO List......that is "Learn to Fly and Fly Away"
Roma, Roma

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