Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 15 Day 2 Part 2

Monday, 11 May 2015


19 March, 2015, Mumbai: Giving impetus to its new initiative “Bazaar Inspires”, by Harper’s Bazaar, the globally renowned fashion magazine presented eight designers’ collections created from Mulmul as the focal point during Indian Handlooms and Textile Day at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015.
“Bazaar Inspires” is an annual project that aims at spreading awareness about Indian textiles, and the beautiful favourite of all – Mulmul – was the chosen one this season. Eight Indian evening wear designers were challenged to turn the humble fabric into stunning formal wear creations. Each designer presented four glamorous evening ensembles and turned Mulmul into a Red Carpet eye-catcher.

Known for his ultimate fabric texturing and innovations in manipulation, Anand Bhushan’s all white collection simply called “Mulmul” turned the favourite Indian textile into an urban offering with contemporary treatment. Blending it with glass, Anand formed varying houndstooth patterns on the garments to add a distinct flavour. Splashing the creations with cutwork in drapes, soft feminine constructions, comfy fitted options for silhouettes that offered excellent construction, Anand presented a sleek line. A drop waist dress, Jodhpur pants, shirt worn with beaded jacket, a belted long sleeve shirt-waist dress and sari in solid and cutwork fabrics, sparkled with beads. The mature Indian woman will adore Anand Bhushan’s reinterpreted style for Mulmul when she chooses it for formal soirées.
ANAND BHUSHAN, LIFW Day 2 Anand Bhushan

Inspired by the word ‘Chaos’, Siddhartha Tytler’s Mulmul looks were a quartet of glamorous creations. Random black and white digital prints sparkled on the garments. The soft traditional Mulmul went through some texturing from Siddhartha as he added quilting, his signature pin tucking, crystallising and laser cutting to give a contemporary flavour to the creations. The quilted gown, will-power bustier and tulip quilted skirt, silver embroidered quilted skirt over a cutwork top with black palazzos told a different Mulmul story. Structured silhouettes were bold yet rigid, making the ensembles ideal for the trendy buyer who adores some experimental dressing.
SIDDHARTHA TYTLER, LIFW Day 2, Sidharth Tytler

Sailex known for his grand Red Carpet creations gave the traditional Mulmul his signature treatment turning it into glam evening wear possibilities. Adding seductive black embroidery, which has been Sailex’s trademark; the four creations that glided down the ramp had a marked structured look with great flare that gave India’s favourite fabric a new fashionable avatar. Black net and mul sheer gown, a plunge neck gown with sheer back, bralet with a midi pencil skirt and a plunge neck tail-coat jacket with sheer sided pant, was an all black fantasy.
SAILEX, LIFW Day 2, Sailex

Inspired by the land which is known as the Paradise of India – Kashmir – Hemant and Nandita turned the simple Mulmul into a fashion fabric with surface ornamention. Called ‘Blooming Woods’ the four garments had unconventional embroidery and brought in the 70’s look with digital touches for gore skirts, kotis or waistcoats, embroidered cropped tops, jackets, boho capes and dresses. The printed long sleeve mini, flared skirt with bell-sleeved cropped top, tiered mini with bolero, shorts and tank with a cover were great creations in Mulmul. Earth tones of brown, dull grey and deep green were highlighted by sea green and tangerine. Flowers, which were the key feature of the line, exuded a blossoming aura around the line.
HEMANT AND NANDITA, LIFW Day 2, Hemant And Nandita

Making a complete surprise fashion detour from her usual comfort zone of resort and cruise line where she is an expert; Anupamaa Dayal went down the Red Carpet with her “Angelina Jolie” collection. The designer gave Mulmul her favourite summer fabric; a glitzy, glam treatment and turned the cool textile into fitted sexy gowns. Shades of seductive red, black, sizzling pink, neon yellow, and lemon were ideal choices for the slinky floral off-shoulder floor kissing number with large bow. The yellow/blue print gown, floral black halter and one-shoulder pink printed number were part of the sexy line. Detailing was with tantalising frills, cascading ruffles, gorgeous floral embellishments like a single fluffy chrysanthemum, plunging necklines and sweeping trails.
ANUPAMAA DAYAL, LIFW Day 2, Anupama Dayal

Rabani and Rakha, the very creative pair turned the soft Mulmul into glamorous silhouettes - a sensuous gown, a striking lehenga sari and a sexy lace body suit with luxurious Mulmul drapes. The colour choice was shades of peach to add that stylish fashion quotient to the garments. The tiered peach lehenga would serve as ideal formal wear with dupatta and choli. A lush red sari with gold border and tights, red one-shoulder gown splashed with gold paisley border and the final peach layered lehenga, choli and dupatta were glamorous festive wear.  Feminine and very sexy the creations were ideal for that impressive entry on any global style carpet.
RABANI AND RAKHA, LIFW Day 2, Rabani and Rakha

Inspired by the falling autumn leaves with their earthy tones, the capsule collection of four outfits by Dev r Nil recreated nature’s beauty for the garments. Gauze work, appliqués and cutwork added to the beauty of the ensembles; while the changing shades of the leaves appeared as ikat borders and stripes to highlight the hand woven Mulmul. Skirt with falling leaves appliqué worn with asymmetric top, autumn leaves on black printed bodice teamed with red/black shaded pant, striped red/black giant poncho and the striped maxi with floral sheer detailing were stunners. Red in monochrome was the preferred colour for the fluid silhouettes that flowed from the constructed bodices giving the outfits an almost ethereal look.
DEV r NIL, LIFW Day 2, Dev r Nil
Aimed at the boho chic young woman – a global traveller who is at home in Brazil, Miami, Mexico, Venezuela, or the South of France, Raakesh Agarvwal’s four ensembles had a glam international flavour. Using Mulmul in colours like sunset yellow, saffron and tangerine - all hot summer hues - he gave a contemporary relaxed vibe to the garments. A great slouchy jumpsuit had all the signs of summer comfort, while the tangerine will-power dress was an eye-catcher on the ramp. The two sexy panelled gowns completed the foursome, which any girl would love to grab for her fun holiday.
RAAKESH AGARVWAL, LIFW Day 2, Rakesh Agarwal

Kiran Uttam Ghosh and Deepika Govind brought the beauty of traditional crafts and tetiles into the limelight at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015

New Fashionable Feminine Directions Were The Keynote Of Kiran Uttam Ghosh's Collection At Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015

Mumbai, 19 March, 2015: A Kiran Uttam Ghosh show is always an adventure into the world of creative fashion. Her Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015 collection was feminine, delicate with inspiring silhouettes in a gentle colour palette.
Revisiting the past and inspired by the sights, sounds and fragrances that were her memories, Kiran worked with khadi, a fabric her grandmother used to spin. Working around silhouettes that showed tantalising shoulders or elegant collar ones, Kiran's clothes spoke a simple dignified fashion language.
Global shapes were blended effortlessly with beautiful hand crafted traditional textiles; while heritage played a major role in the form of embellishments that glittered discreetly on the garments.
The textiles offered a multitude of options with Maheshwari, Bengal Dhakai, Chanderi, Benares brocade, kimkhab, Fulia, Taant weaves and ikat, which were perfectly balanced with modern fabrics like georgette, crépe, jersey and perma pleated ones. The colours were a melange of ivory, oyster, nude, powder blue, fresh coral, lipstick red, blackberry, aubergine and gold.
Kiran Uttam Ghosh, LIFW Day 2, Kiran Uttam Ghosh

The silhouettes were very western in nature with permanent pleated dresses, trousers, plain white shirts, racer back vests, ponchos, fluted lines, slouchy tents and a collection of saris in handlooms that completed the line. 
Starting the show with soft pastels for draped sari with embroidered choli, Kiran moved to Maheshwari cape over blue jersey dress and then added a blue Bengal Taant tent. Moving into a stronger colour palette, the mix of blackberry and aubergine with navy was great for a floral tent. The Banaras skirt with white shirt and obi belt was an unconventional story, while the red Dhakai dress with high slits over gold pleated dress and pants were stunners. The mix of fabrics and the intriguing fusion silhouettes added to the charm and beauty of the collection.
Bringing the past to the present, to create future fashion, Kiran Uttam Ghosh presented a sensuous but beautiful line for the fashion conscious buyers.

Deepika Govind's Journey Into The Land Of Blue Was A Fashionable Odessey At Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015

Inspired by a mythical yogi's memoirs in the land of Blue Kutch, Deepika Govind's collection called "The Memoir of a Yogi who Loved Blue" was a fascinating colourful vision at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015.
Using the attire of the beautiful women of Kutch as her 'blueprint', Deepika followed their silhouettes – long fluid belted dresses of the Khatri tribe. Layered weaves were embellished with handcrafted tribal ornaments; while the organic Kala Cotton formed the basis of the garments.
Fine Bandhani, tie and dye, Shibori, Ajrakh, centuries old resist print craft in organic dyes, and the ancient Rogan art of hand painting that looked like fine embroidery was the final icing on the ensembles and added to the rustic rural charm of the creations. The Farek and gussets incorporated by Deepika enhanced the beauty of the collection. 
Deepika Govind, LIFW Day 2 Deepika Govind

With such a rich heritage backing the garments, it was but natural that Deepika's colours were earthy and natural. Mid blue, organic kora, Rudraksh and desert brown, burgundy, mustard and mineral red dazzled on the ramp.
Bandhani was used as placement design and appeared on various parts of the garments to highlight their beauty. It looked fabulous on a one- shoulder dress or a blue Bandhani cover with asymmetrical hem. Mirror work was seen prominently on yokes, long sleeve gown, bolero and the line of sarong pleated skirts with waistcoats were an innovative look at fusion wear with traditional touches.
Added to the glamour of the line were the specially designed striking leather accessories by Risa and shoes by Heel and Buckle.
When the 21st century fashionista wants to take a walk down folklore lane; "The Memoirs of a Yogi who Loved Blue" collection by Deepika Govind will add a new dimension and colour to her wardrobe.

Day Two ended with a Stylish Fashion Presentation By Raghavendra Rathore at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015

Mumbai, 19 March 2015: When it comes to regal, sophisticated collections that rival those worn by royalty, Raghavendra Rathore had the perfect offering when his show closed Day Two at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015.
From diffusion to bespoke dressing and promotion of rural crafts, the slick display featured three brands offered by a single designer. 
Raghavendra Rathore, LIFW Day 2 , Raghvendra Rathore
 The "Imperial India Company" is the ready-to-wear designer diffusion label, by Raghavendra, which was inspired by the Raj and featured Indo-Western styling. Here were affordable clothes that exuded a marked elegance and aristocratic character, which will appeal to the discreet dresser.
Raghavendra Rathore, LIFW Day 2 ,Raghvendra Rathore

Two-button off-white jacket, brocade Sherwani, black five-button Jodhpur coat, bundgala with printed shirt and red trouser as well as the two-button grey suit were superbly finished ensembles. Colour came in the form of brown bundi with orange kurta, a spark of white cuffs for mandarin collar shirt, dapper Pathani suit, sherwani with pink cuffs and black velvet collar and the final white tuxedo with satin shawl lapel, were perfect wardrobe additions.
Raghavendra Rathore, LIFW Day 2 ,Raghvendra Rathore

"Raghavendra Rathore Foundation" which is a celebration of hope was not only a line for a humanitarian initiative aimed to give the disadvantaged support, but also provide a stable livelihood and promote rural handicraft. Here the opening of the segment was with formal women's wear featuring red/gold cover over red draped lehenga, a black/gold gown, shimmering Sherwani with a black organza skirt. But it was the men's wear that was dramatic as male models marched in wearing identical Jodhpuri trousers and bandgala jackets in gold, red, pink, blue, green, purple, fuchsia, navy, black and white; then stopped in the centre of the ramp, stripped down to white T-shirts with the slogan "Je Suis L'Amour" written on them.
Raghavendra Rathore with Ritesh Deshmukh, LIFW Day 2 ,Raghvendra Rathore

Finally the "Raghavendra Rathore" bespoke custom clothing menswear collection projected the ultimate in fashion with traditional looks blended into modern day elegance, which the designer unveiled to a very appreciative audience. Jodhpuri bandgalas and breeches along with black printed kurta, brocade Sherwani and shimmering Jodhpur coat made a striking appearance on the catwalk. Wide dhoti salwars, black and gold angarkha, and off-white kurta with black dhoti, revealed the bespoke/customer clothing menswear label that Raghavendra is known for.
Ritesh Deshmukh for Raghvendra Rathore, LIFW Day 2 ,Raghvendra Rathore

Making a heart shopping, show stopping, entry on the ramp was the handsome, Bollywood star, Ritesh Deshmukh who strutted down in a brocade Nehru jacket, black kurta and white churidars.
Using the finest traditional textiles for each brand, which were exclusively woven in the Brahmaputra region; Raghavendra Rathore's collection celebrated India's rich heritage and textiles that are aimed at buyers who want to add that touch of class to their personal fashion statements.

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