How to do a brilliant braid in under 10 Minutes!

Monday, 19 August 2013

How to do a brilliant braid in under 10 minutes.
Pull your hair together to one side. Separate the hair above your hands and put your fore finger and thumb through the hole.

Grab the bottom of your hair and pull through the hole. You will repeat this step over and over until you reach the bottom of your hair.

To make sure you don't have one big hole down the middle of your "braid", put your fingers through one side of the last twist. It's kind of hard to explain but just make sure you don't repeat the step right through the middle each time.

Finish with a clear elastic and you are done! THE. FASTEST. "BRAID". EVER. I cannot wait to wear this in my hair all day every day

Tip- You should have semi-dirty hair, or product to texturize your hair.

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