Must haves this summer!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Summer trend tips for women

This summer I recommend 
1. A cool cotton top, emerald is my choice of color (being voted the color of the year) pair with denim, chinos and shorts.
2. A high waist skirt in a neutral tone (not too much of flare), wear with colorful tees.
3. A classic yet a chunky neck-piece to add a bit of glamour.
4. N eons are still a rage but a tonal bag goes a long way.
5. If you are heel person strappy wedges are an all-time summer staple, else don your strappy sandals but do try new colors.
6. Try Coral nail paint, goes great with all skin tones and adds a bit of color
7. Last but not the least a funky umbrella.

And always carry a big smile, spread the cheer. 

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